When we meet with you for the first time we can discuss your requirements for your conversion.  The design service we provide is in partnership with an experienced local architect. He will come and visit you for a free inspection and consultation. After getting your ideas on board and checking your property he will provide to you a sketch of the proposal.

Should you be happy to proceed at this point he will arrange for full plans to be drawn up. He will consult you on the planning process and building regulations which he would submit on your behalf to the local building control office.

Structural calculations will also be provided by the architect to confirm the steels and joist sizes required.

The total cost for this service for plans and calculations and submission will vary between £700 – £1000 + vat depending on the size of your property and the type of conversion required.  If you are happy to proceed with the architect’s plans will be drawn up for you. You are under no obligation to use Brightview Lofts for your construction work at this point.

Should you wish to proceed with Brightview Lofts for your conversion we will offer a £150 discount from our quotation should you use our nominated architect.

Side Dormer

A hip to gable conversion often means significant changes to the roof. The gable wall is built up to the ridgeline and a brand new section of roof is created to fill the gap.

Generally speaking, properties with hip roofs will likely not have enough internal space for a conversion to be practical so a hip to gable conversion is a better solution.

Hip To Gable (Velux)

A side dormer as shown can be constructed mainly for use of the new staircase to be fitted. This would give more room then a basic Velux conversion as it would free up the loft room from staircase access.

Again planning would rarely be required for this type of conversion.

Hip To Gable (Rear Dormer)

A dormer conversion is an extension for the back of your property that will enable added floor space and headroom. The inside of a dormer will usually have a standard horizontal ceiling with vertical walls, in comparison to the normal diagonal sides of a conversion.

Despite the fact these kinds of conversions are not often the best looking externally, a flat roof dormer loft conversion provide you with a maximum amount of additional interior space.

Velux Conversion

Roof light or Velux conversions are the one of the same. Velux are the leading manufacturer in the United Kingdom for roof windows. Velux conversions are generally very cost effective and don’t usually require planning permission.

Mansard Conversion

A mansard roof has two slopes, the lower slope is near to vertical at 72 degrees and the top portion of the roof is nearly horizontal. This kind of roof is named after a 17th-century French architect Francois Mansard (1598-1666) who employed this style of roof on many of his buildings. A mansard roof provides the benefit of maximizing the readily available space inside your loft.

Our Comprehensive Loft Conversion Service Includes:

  • Full survey with loft design and drawings service should you require
  • Advice and support in gaining planning permissions and building regulations
  • Structural calculations
  • Timber frames, partition walls, ceiling insulation, plastering
  • Carpentry, joinery, Velux windows and finishing
  • Electrical and plumbing installations