Beautiful bungalow
in Hassocks

Hey, where’s the chimney
Scaffold up now,
materials delivered

This roof needs lifting, time
to remove the tiles

New ridge line
1.2m higher in place

New rafters being installed.
Time for a Tea break Luke??

A view from the side

..and now a close up view
of whats going on

New rafters all in place.
The weather has been kind
(for the moment)

A view from the other side

…and another angled view

Nearly weathered in now.
Get off the phone paul and finish it please

All weathered in now,
rain clouds you can
appear now

Rear dormer No.1
taking shape

3 Velux in place.
That will make it brighter!

Did I forget to mention the
downstairs extension we are making

A close up of the extension

Front of the house close up

Extension window is in.
That downpipe will be straightened!

Gutter and drain installed. Its been torrential last week and it’s August!

Oh no plasterers are here,
and yes…well that’s Lee!

New stairs to the loft.
A view from inside the extension.

Up the stairs, 2 bedrooms on the left and bathroom straight ahead.

A view from inside one
of the new dormer rooms

The 2 rear dormers,
yes they are looking nice.